Gallery Four


Sunspot 484
This close-up image of the surface of the Sun shows
a sunspot area the size of 11 Earths. This spot was responsible for
a major coronal mass ejection less than 24 hrs. before the image was taken.
(Single frame with modified QuickCam and Nexstar 5)


NGC 7479
This barred spiral galaxy lies 105 million light years
away in Pegasus.
Sum of 4 eight minute exposures (8" LX-200 and ST-7E)


The Saturn Nebula
A planetary nebula 3,900 light years away in Aquarius.
(It has no relation to the planet Saturn other than a slight resemblance.)
Composite image. Four 35 sec. images stacked.
(8" LX-200 and ST-7E)



Thirty nine stacked images.
(Eyepiece projection with 32mm Televue, 8" LX-200 and Casio QV-8000 SX)
Collaborative effort with John and Russ.



Forty two .001 sec images stacked.
(8" LX-200 and ST-7E)


M20 The Trifid Nebula
Approximately 9,000 light years distant.
A dark nebula creates the appearance of branches in this emission nebula.
The sum of 9 three minute guided images. (8" LX200 and ST-7E)


M104 (NGC 4594) The Sombrero Galaxy
50 million light years distant.
The sum of 13 sixty second images (8" LX200 and ST-7E).

Viewed nearly edge on this spiral galaxy has a thick, dark band of dust
along its equitorial plane.


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