Deep Sky Astroimaging

Dew Heater


I created DewBlocker Dew Caps to delay the formation of dew on optics. It's usually all that's needed in my area, but there are those nights when a passive system just isn't enough.


That's when a powered, temperature controlled heater is necessary.




A close-up of the scale shows the available heat settings.

The faceplate is plywood.



This fused, adjustable heater is made from a standard four gang outlet box.

It houses a power transformer and a ceiling fan speed controller to regulate the temperature.



The heater strip is covered in a thin soft cloth with velcro to hold it around the corrector end of the telescope where it keeps the optics just above the dewpoint.



The heater itself is a commercial product used to keep food service trays warm or pipes from freezing.



Special thanks to Russ for his expert help with this project.




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